Directional scan tools  

These tools work on the go in space, it is advisable to have them bookmarked in your browser in game. When scouting or relaying Intel its easer to run a short directional scan and paste over the link than attempting to reel of a 30 man fleet comp over comm's, any good scout uses these tools as second nature.
if your not already familiar, test them, try them!       

Maps & Stats

When navigating around the beautiful new eden, any information you can gather about the area you are in or the route you are going to take is crucial!. you can Dotlan to gather a large range of information from where to find ice systems, to the busiest PVP systems!


These tools are very useful when setting up planitary interactions. If you do not engage in planitary work, you are loosing out on passive income!! once set up, they run with minimal time and effort and I have known them to bring in up to 400,000,000 isk per month!!

Research & Killboards

It is crucial, especially when flying solo, to have at least a little knowledge on your competition. looking up kills, by pilots, corps and alliances can give you a good heads up!