I'm a lads lad at heart, more so when I was younger. I'd very rarely be in the house during daylight, I loved nothing more than 2 wheels and my friends.
My brother on the other hand was a hobbit, he would stay in his room more of the time with technology I didn't care for, and games of no interest to me.  Until, the dredded World Of Warcraft, He pecked at me like a woodpecker for months, maybe even years to play with him, "just try it for a week" id get, every fucking hour or so.. eventually, like any other sane human being, I gave in hoping to bring cease to the torture... and so it began.
I will admit I played WOW, and I will keep it brief for the sake of both of us. Yea! I had a fuckin awsome female, undead, arcane mage...with full pvp AND pve raid gear!! and yea I played cataclysm and it fucked everything up. Cut a long story short the game became repetative, boring and stupidly easy to play. not to mention the account hacking. Anyway, its what I class as a kids game, I think I just grew out of it. (no offence).

I'll take this time to reiterate I'm a guy... I Enjoy playing female chars when gaming... not sure why, maybe I prefer to Have a cartoon female on my screen than a male... I was unaware of eve mechanics when I started playing. So as normal I made up a female char... It felt a little weird when I enrolled with corp and people where calling me Lise. But suppose I got used to it. And iv not had much grief about it other than the odd “but, wait....isn’t that... a girls name?!” so I have left it....

  Moving on, in RL I worked with a middle aged guy with a young head on his shoulders, and a fellow gamer... we would converse illogically about the games we played... I would tell him something about WOW and he would reply, informing me of this 'eve' and his gaming activities. it was more of an MMO info argument than a conversation, and I'm sure he wanted me to play his game as much as I wanted him to mine. but we didn’t game together.

A few years later RL was fucking me up the A as it does to us all at some point, Unfortunately I was in between work and caring for my mother before she passed. I eventually quit work to care for my mother and deal with my own issues but I found gaming was my relief. But Wow wasn't cutting it, I recalled my old colleague, and his talk of EVE Online. and so I deleted Wow and installed eve... That was a head baffling day.... or should I say week to say the least.

  With RL the way it was.. I wasn't going give up on this game until I had properly assessed if I enjoyed it... the fact that it was baffling, alien and almost ineligible to me in many ways at first, just gave challenge.

I Half halfheartedly joined a newbie corp. Searching for game content, and also to help learning the game. GURKA, a new bro corp based out in null... They marched me through a few lessons and before I knew it I was in huge fleets sat on a Titan waiting for the word...

I learned a hell of alot and had alot of fun, the fountain wars, getting fleets lost in wh’s, and daily roams are just some of the fond memory's. New bro corps are the way to go for anyone wishing to get into the game.

And so I had a couple of years in null... Iv had a long break from eve, only returning this year (2016), iv started of in a FW corp with a few old friends. In my spare time I do what I must to make the isk, I try to find solo pvp where possible, and just recently iv been very interested by cloaky stalking and.... Well like I say Jack of all I’ll leave my Introduction there.

Fly safe and thanks 
Lise Moon