Thursday 7 December 2017

Still Here

I thought I would just update and allow myself to slowly try and find friendship with my blog once again... Scroll bottom for TL;DR

  Eve has been ultimately very challenging, mentally and with actual gameplay over the past months.
I have found little success and a lot of loss, partially I think due to lack of consistency in the basics of flying, sometimes its easier just to hit warp to gate... then see the bubble.

I have since bid farewell to Distortion. To summarise what happened there, The CEO became burned, lacking enthusiasm for what once was, and also giving way to some well needed RL time ( a slight presumption)
  Distortion, being a very handy corp was in the midst of expanding, we had formed the alliance amplified around the corp and where beginning to grow. Unfortunately I think the surrounding corporations and the gallente took this into consideration and decided on dealing with the puppy instead of the dog so to speak.
We where overcome in our home in okkamon, and the gallente malitia fought and turned over our system. they did this regimentally and without remorse, this was ultimately the end... it had forced us to make some very strong decisions about our future. the alliance split as quick as it was formed and the Corp began to fall apart. so much so that the gallente even took pity, promising to let us reinstate with our home, but it was too late.
After this time, I saw little of the Ceo, and what I did seemed forced.
Members of the corp took a seat and between the remaining pilots left we discussed our options, which boiled down to three, Continue to fight the Faction war battles, move home with intention of regaining okkamon... or become a pirate corp in lowsec... or join forces with C02 and reside in Null.
  We had deployed and lost the majority of our fleets, we had no CEO and minimal direction or drive, we where consistently being outshipped and outnumbered by opposing factions and the pirate corps and so, to continue with FW as a group seemed pointless, and many had also burned and had little interest or hope for success in this field.
  Personally I favoured the idea of becoming a pirate corp, although there was no initial direction for it, we could have found content in ganking freighters close to high sec, engaged in mercenary activities and become a threat to all factions, all with no fear of loosing a home or our space. Others showed little interest in these activities and the idea was quickly scrapped in many's eyes.
  Finally, was the proposition we had been offered by Co2. Our CEO, probably anticipating his retire had contacts in Co2 and had struck a deal with them about merging forces. I believe as a means for corp survival and also as a positive way to leave his fellow followers.
 And so, our once legendary CEO left, leaving one pilot to take the place of CEO and manage the bitter tethers of what was left. By this time the majority of the corp had made there own decisions and left, leaving only the most loyal and the completely oblivious.
Instinct, Now the new CEO of distortion followed favour and agreed that the best move for the corporation was to join forces in nullsec, with intention of becoming a feeder corp for Co2.
  Thinking back to my older days in null, I was not overly happy with the decision but I was willing to see it through, I thought we could have our place and possibly do well there. Although I am far from partial to compulsory fleets, POS bashing, politics, etc etc. not to mention that null is often humongous numbers or nothing, which is no good for solo.
 And so we made the arduous journey across New Eden. From Black rise right the way south to Providence. personally, I am not one to sell up and re-buy its just not in my nature. one ship is not another. And so i possibly found the journey more trying than others.
We found ourselves settled in 68FT- I thought I would stay with the corp for the durtion, possibly dabble in the 'ping fleets' and try to make use of Null space. The weeks went on and it seemed like a boring drag, I half heartedly skilled into a carrier and began to make a little capital.( no pun intended) by this time I was becoming frustrated with 'having' to be in fleets and found myself ignorant to the alarms ringing, and other pilots telling me I 'Should not be ratting right now, get in fleet'. I'd heard it one to many times. I slowly removed my assets and began looking for something a little more me, all the while making good use of the ratting space. Despite all this. Shortly after Instinct was made CEO he took a leave. around a month or two I would say. On his return I would log in to find myself dispatched from the leadership with no warning or discussion. I found this quite rude, At the time I was part way through logistics and found I could no longer manage corp. And my alt's that needed to get back in corp could not... it just backed up my farewell.
Scrolling through corporations had one 'Hard-Line Syndicate' pop out at me. These Guys advertise minimal rules and regs, No consistent requirement to get involved in Null activities and fleets. I Joined there public channel and conversed over the next couple of weeks with them.
 I could Have a home with fellow, likeminded capsuleers and still go about my own business. This seemed ideal. and so my Journey coninued!

TLDR - Distortion died, remainder still with Co2 carebearing...I cba with sov and B.S , left, joined Hard-line. felt better... Yaay!!

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