Friday 6 March 2020

Double update.

I promise I will get to in game, but a quick RL update first.

I believe it was 2017 since I looked at my blog :/ I apologise to anyone who actually checks in. I think Eve burned me abit, I didn't realise how demoralising faction warfare could be, don't get me wrong its fast paced, really enjoyable and predominantly small gang/solo stuff which I really enjoy, but overtime I think it drains the wallet and the enjoyment, especially in the bad times. iv learned if I FW again it will be a short-medium term venture. I am also aware that I put a lot of pressure on myself to live in New Eden mostly solely however its my play style and I love it. even if it does make in game life hard work, its part of the fun.
Massive turns in RL also contrubuted to my AWOL. I'm now a Parent!... ME?!. I currently have a 16 month old little girl, she's the cutest. I have moved house & jobs several times etc etc. basically RL gets in the way of fun shiz  and Eve can be a trying game!
 I'v missed the game and I feel my current employment puts me in a position where I may be able to put a few hours in here and there. I might even keep on with the blog abit :/ i'll do my best to share a few tails.

 To update from my last online activity I found myself without corp again after a period of leave ( this is becoming common I know) nothing eventful really occoured after distortion i made some good friends in hardline but I think I fancied staying out of player corps for a while as my gaming time was to be unpredictable. lise was now fully pvp inclined and I had other toons running indi, as well as doing logistics for lise and doing her relics to earn the isk. I found myself focusing on the indi alts to  skill them up and get abit of a routine going. I would just have a quick scout with Lise here and there to try and kill the blood lust. After doing such and getting my alts where i wanted them i took back to solo pvp with lise. I hung around the fw systems and the areas i knew as well as lurking round my holiday null spot. After a while of small gangs getting the best of me i thought to seek a better home. I had always fancied a period in wormhole space and so. I took of in a probe, my intentions where to find a hole i could call home. And logging in this time round, Its where iv found myself. In a probe, lost in some desolate hole.... bliss, i'm back once again. 

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