Sunday, 6 March 2016

*Space Tumble Weed*...Carrier Down!!!


Just a quick one...

Is it just me or is it fracking dead in space the last week??
It could be just the Caldari militia, or probably just my TS. because I'm still managing to get blown up :)

So my corp seems to have gone randomly quiet all of a sudden, there is definitely a lack of people present in the EU time zones. Recruitment still goes on, it is an ongoing tedious process I think. Between the directors I  think we have been finding our feet a little in terms of organisation of assets and roles etc, and stocking up, with that in mind, I'm sure there are also a few of us anticipating the null sec deployments too!

Tsk Tsk

So...with there being a lack of people online just recently, naturally the average pilot would become a little bored...
  Personally I love to fly solo...but Fleets are good!, I do end up in them most of the time, and I do love the social aspect of eve, however some only fight in fleets... and rock on you guys!.
Anyway... so there are around five of our corporation on comms... and where milling around doing our own thing, the channel is quite quiet. Last I knew, Dr (my irrational space lover and CEO) was playing Dota, he starts chuckling to himself down comms and some five or ten minutes later and after some "come on then tell us" he mentions that he..."might" be engaged in Rietsato. After a long winded barter he admits he jumped his Arcon into a fleet of thrashers...bearing in mind he has warped and jumped into the system...he's not on station like a normal person, no...

 As the fleet of thrashers is now increasing and a few svipuls and a cynabal join in the fight, Dr calls for back up, in his natural way "grab something tanky, jump Reitsato". I grab a vexor and do as told. unaware he is the other side of the gate with 15+ engaged on him.... so yea that lasted a whole ten seconds...  The others in comms did the same I'm not sure if they lost ships as I did. But to cut a long story short, we listened to Dr amuse Himself for around 10 - 20 minutes then it got to the point of no return, Naturally we all whored....ops success :)